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     Packed Bed Scrubber and Venturi

We Design, Manufacture and Install all types of Packed Bed Scrubbers. Our goal is to have efficient Scrubbing System giving the desired ppm level of outlet gas as per Pollution Control norms which is left out in open air to have pollution free environment. Our range of Packed Bed Scrubber & Venturi includes Packed Bed Scrubber and Venturi Scrubber.

Packed Bed Scrubber
PP FRP Packed bed Scrubber

Packed Columns are used for the continuous contact between liquid and gas. The counter current packed column is the most common type of unit encountered in gaseous pollutant control for the removal of undesirable gas, vapor or odor. This type of column is widely used in chemical & pollution control industries
Venturi Scrubber
PPFRP Venturi Scrubber

We design, manufacture and install venturi Scrubbers. These are used for removing particles or polluted gases from an exhaust gas stream. Water sprays can be injected into the gas stream, gas can be forced to pass through sheets or films of liquid or the gas can move through beds of plastic spheres covered with liquid. Each of these techniques can effectively remove particulate matter from process exhaust gases.
Venturi Scrubbers are mainly designed to incorporate small dust particles into larger water droplets. These larger droplets containing the captured particles are then collected by simple mechanism such as gravity, impaction on baffles or by cyclonic action.

The venturi Scrubbers can be represented as having two zones, a contact zone (Particle Capture) and a separation zone (Droplet capture). To achieve a high collection efficiency of particulates by impaction, a small droplet diameter and high relative velocity between the particle and droplet are required. This is often accomplished in a venturi scrubber by introducing the scrubbing liquid at right angles to a high velocity gas flow in the venturi throat. Very small droplets are formed, and high relative velocities are present. The large number of small droplets, combined with the turbulence in the throat section, provides numerous impaction targets for particle collection.
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